Thursday, January 12, 2006

My name story

There is something in a my case there is something "behind" my name.

Apart from beginning with "V" like both my parents, my name has a funny history. On the day of my christening ceremony, my aunt (dad's sis) left from Churchgate to come to Goregaon where the ceremony was held. That day, some day in Aug 1983, due to heavy rains, a tree fell down over a local train at Grant Road railway station. Due to this, the railways were disrupted and it took my poor bua heroic efforts to reach goregaon. She was the one to "name " me according to the rituals!! And hence she chose the name "Varsha" for me!!!


  1. Hehehe.. I cant say that about my name which is more dangerous!! So no snake bites with my relatives ;-)

  2. hehe..if there was some instance of snake bite, they would have named you Haffkine

  3. I thought that you were named so because "Khup 'Varsha'nantar family madhe 1 doctor janmala aali aahi :D"

  4. well
    My family is rather full of Doctors..although I am the first Dr.Naik.

    Even then no one knew 22 yrs ago I would be a doc!!


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