Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Girlfriend

Ya , like the movies or those forwards you get I too like to trouble my dear Nagesh by twisting words and taking meanings he never meant out of many things he says...and when he wars his befuddled plus mad expression I like to laugh naughtily....sadist me....

One fine day
N, "You know most girls I have seen have a backup....they see one guy and have a backup in case that doesn't work well"

V, "Oh ya?? When I was seeing you I didn't have a backup.."

N, "Well I say most girls....those typical types you know....."

V, "Elaborate..."

N, "Those typical girls who bother a lot about their external beauty and those ....." with a slight tinge of MCPsm

V, "You mean I don't take care of my external beauty?? You mean to stay I stay sloppy!!"

N, "No what I meant is that you don't need to...." a cute smile flashed at me.....

N and V break into laughter.....I love troubling him this way. He too always has a diplomatic answer for me.

One Day on the phone
V pulling N's leg, "We do not belong to the same generation......I am of a younger generation" (FYI V is 23 and N is 28)

N, " are so of my look and seem so mature"

V, "You mean to say I look 28!!! No I most certainly don't! In fact I look less than 23"

N, "No I mean you are so mature...I like mature girls".....probably flashed the cute smile but I didn't see.....

V, "Heh heh I know....but I love troubling you this way!"

Many more mad conversations like this...will have to keep updating this post when I remember!!


  1. The first comment comes from the Boyfriend :-)

    If people ask me the secret of my diplomacy and salesmanship i will give them the link of this blog :-D

    Maan Varsha you remember everything word to word!! Ekdum Speech-to-text!

  2. You know what was the first thing that came to my mind?

    iiski biwi chhoti uska bhi bada naam hai
    gOd mein bitha do bachhe ka kya kaam hain

    My nasty funny comment apart, *lights a matchstick* beware that after marriage the boyfriend will start giving it all back. Before marriage he will be all tolerance and indulgence.

  3. @Dadoji

    Nothing to be kept for after marriage!

    I have my own share of return gifts of which i shall blog sometime at leisure :-)



  4. > Nothing to be kept for after marriage!

    Whoa! And here was V getting all senti and mushy over her boyfriend.

    Bagh, Varsha, bagh kaay mhanatoy ha. >:)

    Anyways, I always say "Bhaanda Saukhyabhare".

  5. @ dadoji..even i am scared...shadi ke baad kita chalega making best of the time now ;)

    @ aditi..thanks

    @ nagesh.. return gifts...mmmmmmmmmmm...

  6. hi varsha..
    its a lovly conversation and dont worry me n my wife do had this type of conversation very often and then stop up by laughing...

  7. hahah..
    "enjoyed the convo.."
    btw me too diplomatic!

  8. That's like taking the conversation, ripping it apart and setting it back together again, like a jigsaw puzzle.. only the results vary... uhhh, at times it sure is hard to make a conversation to a girl.. :p

  9. Hee hee.. this is really funny.. the best part is that they both end up laughing at the end... :-)

  10. Harassment of the male gender of our species is completely acceptable Varsha, go for it! (ducks for cover)
    Enjoy being a diva for as long as you!

  11. @ Vibhor....hmnn same pinch

    @ Suraj..thanks

    @ ME...hard but not THAT hard

    @ HDWK...ya thats the best hard feelings

    @ Dilnavaz...yes me enjoying my rights.... enjoy being a diva for as long as you can .....heralds a warning....hmnn

  12. lol..
    now i wouldnt say bechaara.. :P coz he seems to be njoying it.. ;)
    n gr8 going.. :)


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