Monday, August 21, 2006

Gods Must Be Crazy

The water of the Mahim creek turns sweet.... then in Orissa somewhere Devi maa starts drinking apparantly Gods are all appeased......

I wonder which mahabhaag thought of tasting the water of the LOOKS so filthy- leave aside the tests conducted on the water. Or which fellow decided to place a glass of milk to Godesses' lips. Serendipity huh.....


  1. Maybe its just our inane need to believe

  2. what bothers me more is this blind faith and this unshakable belief....I just dont have it and wonder where these people get it from..

    but i do wish Indians would put it in better things like hard work, honesty and getting things done as compared to some God or whatever

  3. i need to have my sugar tested.. These guys drank water from the place where the sewage of my home goes.. The Mouth of the Mithi river hehehe.. They will be blessed :-)

  4. LOL..
    seriously.. i cant even stand d sight of the mithi.. and to drink it.. :O i wd prefer dying thirsty.. :)


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