Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take Care

There are two patients lying in the ICU of Cooper hospital. Both young men around 25, both found fallen on the railway tracks, both so badly injured that they can't speak a word....comatose. Both brought by good samaritans who found them. Both with their kin worried for them....both in the valley between life and death...hanging, holding tight.

Take care when you travel on the trains...don't hang out.......please..life is too precious


  1. this has been happening for so many yuears now and its sad that even with incidents like this..we dont learn!
    God bless them and hope they recover soon!

  2. Sometimes other idiots in the compartment push those on the outside resulting in those outside falling off. Reason? Ego and fight for space. Stupid!

  3. I pray for their recovery.. I think its dumb the people that hang outside even when they dont need to

  4. I had my experiences of the hospital.. God, this sure is scary..

  5. well u cant always blame d patients.. sometimes there is no option.. been there myself tho lucky enuf to have escaped unhurt.. :)
    may god bless them..


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