Saturday, August 26, 2006

To Choose Or Not To Is The Dilemma

Go to the market, try shopping for a ...say bottle of shampoo and then tell me, do you really believe its fun having so many choices? Has our life improved by these?

First the dilemma of the brand. I decided I would pick looking at the company....hmnn P&G is good, so is HLL, hmnn and so are many others.....Plus one company has more than one brand. Uh..

Ok now you narrow down to particular brand based on any considerations....price or whatever (I go by the appearance or even the fragrance at times..heh heh. Makes a funny site in a store...a looney girl sniffing into shampoo bottles. Thats why I like shopping at less crowded hours). but the confusion doesn't end here.

Which one of the many types now....hmnn lets see now is my hair just dry? Or is it dull and dry? Or dry and damaged? Dry and frizzy?? I guess all of the above options....oh but I also need volume, bounce and shine....oh is there one which combines all the goodies?? And the strength......too. Plus not to mention the split ends...(By now my head is split too) Plus just the shaft is dry....the scalp is like an oil mine in the middle east.

Lets go by the contents. Egg is good for the hair..lets buy this one. But isn't olive oil good too? And wheatgerm? And lemon? And Rose hips? uh rose hips? REALLY? Amla? Oh ya my granny will swear by that one. Water of xxx spring? Oh now where else will my hair get THAT?

By the end of it I want to pull out my hair. But that will defeat the purpose of buying a nice shampoo. Probably I should buy a strengtening shampoo. So that my urge (or anybody else's) to pull out my hair won't be successful.

So by the time I have purchased a bottle I know that
  1. I have wasted too much time
  2. I must try all the bottles in the range and chose the best amongst them.
  3. I am missing on MANY other nice herbs and whatevers for my hair by choosing the bottle I have chosen.
  4. I DON'T HAVE PRETTY HAIR....waaaaahhhhhhhh.


  1. very true...advertising is the name of the game..they truly blind us

  2. Hee Hee.. so true.. we had one Doordarshan and it gave us everything from Kachchi Dhoop to Buniyaad.. now we have 200 channels and not one of them watchable!!

  3. Have tried many shampoos in the three rupees refill pack, but I stick to clinic plus as the best value for money shampoo.

  4. Yes and ultimately most of those shampoos dont stop your hair from shedding and when they do it falls limp.. if it doesnt fall limp its too dry and frizzy etc etc etc.. trust me it took me a long time to find my shampoomate kinda like soulmate.. now i just pray they dont stop making it..

  5. It is so true. so many choices. its nice to have so many different products but it is sure a hard thing to pick one and most of all the right one. I liked it better when there was just one shampoo. normal, dry or oily.

  6. See, that is the *real* strategy - win customer through confusion.

  7. When I was young I used to complain that I didn't have enough choices. Now we have too many. My solution is to pick a brand and stick to it. So now I have a specific shampoo I use and every time I buy the same thing.
    "I DON'T HAVE PRETTY HAIR....waaaaahhhhhhhh."
    That makes two of us, Waaa :)

  8. do one thing.. next time onwards try doing in pin saftypin and choose a shampoo..

    we do that in resturant

  9. i never understood whether my hair was under oily or dry category.. so it was difficult choosing a shampoo too
    now it is not a problem coz m already losing a lot hair thinking 'bout tht.. he he

    use hibiscus flowers n shikakai to prepare homemade stuff.. or be confused by the advertisers :)

    thnx for dropping by my blog.. c ya arnd

  10. funny thing is with all those products flooding store shelves the idiots have yet to figure out a shampoo for swimmers..apparently dry damages is not the same as excessive exposure to chlorine. hehe. Oh and have you noticed the shampoo ads where the women have this unearthly hair that shines with this bizarre blue light when she swings it in the faces of unsuspecting victimns?!!!

  11. hmm dove is good, but its good if u HAVE ALOT OF HAIR. what it does is takes away allthe bad hair, leaving with u nothing but good hair. when that happens u have NO HAIR on ure head, because to be honest no hair is perfect u know?? so it really strips u off ure hair.

    what the real secret one of my friends from beauty school told me is use a shampoo thats fortifying or normalizing, unless u do have extremely curly or dry and frizzy. by extreme I MEAN EXTREME like they show in commercials, other that most of us need normalizing shampoo. brand name -- go with whatever looks good or smells nice. lol i tend to. hope this helps .. cause i had a shampoo problem for yearsss

  12. @ suraj..ya they blind us

    @ HDWK...oh you bet, i just keep flipping nothing

    @ cyberkitty...shall try clinic...I have a friend in sunsilk right now....

    @ starry..when was this zamaana?? when will it come back

    @ dadoji..ya...confuse and conquer

    @ DNA...wish life was that simple for me..I need variety...sigh and this variety is the one that drives me nuts too...

    @ dwaipayan...hmnn good idea, used to do that for MCQ exams, will do that for PGCET too :)

    @ Sudeep..shall try your nuskha, even i don't know my hair ka status, ther feel dry but my scalp feels oily....

    @ mellowdrama...ya the graphics are sick...

    @ chocoletuva...shall remember that, man you are too funny...who says you can't write well??

  13. LOL.. u perfectly described my shopping routine.. but that is not restricted to only shampoos but also all things that we shop for.. :) hehe..
    humaare khayalaat kitne milte julte hai.. :O

  14. @ enigma...true not just shampoo but many many things


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