Friday, October 27, 2006

The Chandelier...Photos

Refer to my previous are the photos of our new chandelier, courtesy Nagesh

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dil Ki Baat

When you really really want something, like its said in Alchemist, the whole world conspires with you in achieving it...

Mom and I had been shopping for clothes for my mamis, as Diwali gifts. There I loved a dress and blue. These days I have taken a fancy for bright and contrasting clothes and loved the piece immediately. Didn't buy it. Not that it was too expensive but since I have many dress materials still waiting to visit the tailor I kept it aside. And the next day at mami's place, I get a similar a Bhau Beej gift!! Same shades of bright orange and turquoise blue......

Mom and I were dying to shop for a beautiful chandelier for our new home, mom more than me. But we never managed the time to go shopping for one. And one fine day, a friend of mom's from her old college, who has been working in Dubai for the past 2 years...whom mom has helped in her own small way comes to mom and tells her that he has gotten a chandelier for a gift for the new home. He and his family came here some hours back, and we just finished assembling it. It should be on the ceiling by tomorrow.....shall post the photos if I take them.....

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mixed Bag

Long time since I wrote a a lot of topics in this MIXED BAG....

Happy Diwali
Wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali. Happy New year to all celebrating it. My new year will be in March..

Had a fun time with funny/non funny names of late.

Today in the blood bank
Me: Aapka naam..?
Donor: Basudebh Das
So I started filling it in the form. B A S U D E B....
Donor:Basudebh mein B nahin...BHEE
Me: Ok. So I added the missing H, slightly confused
Donor: B nahee BHEE, BHEE.......'S', 'T', 'U', 'BHEE'

Then once at Oshiwara Maternity Home there was a lady called Photu, no jokes. The nurses had a fun time calling out to her....."Photudeveeeee" the way all B.Com ladies are addressed. Well here B.Com stands for "Bihari Community" and not Bachelor of Commerce (No offence to the Bihari's or Commercies). Photudevi's name was the talk of the town...(ok,just of OMH). One day at breakfast table with 2 neonatologists..

Neo 1: Arey postpartum ward mein ek patient ka naam hain Photu...what a name..heh heh
Neo 2:Uska Husband hoga Camera....aur unka surname studio...hah hah hah
Neo 1:(In his slightly pansy style) What funny names people call their kids.Sweety, Dolly!! I know a 60 yr old dadima called Sweety.......imagine calling a lady that old Sweety...
Neo 2: Arey par usko Sweety bulanewaley dadaji bhi utne hi old honge naa......

Nanhi Kalee
I wonder when Indians will get over their craze for a male child. Tired of seeing women with 2 or 3 daughters getting pregnant, hoping for a son.....relatives pulling a face "ladki huee"....women refusing to feed their new born baby girls.....Of men treating their wives like a "Baby producing factory".....of women with 3 girls going for a copper T, when advised permanent sterilisation saying "Ladke ka lalach hain thoda doctorsaab"

Fevicol Ad
Liked the new fevicol ad...which combines the words Diwali in English and Id in Urdu..its a hoarding. Tried to find a picture of it vain. But very nice.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Nine Wierd Things About Me....

I have been tagged by Mumbai Girl.

The rules of the tag are:

State nine things (weird or otherwise) about yourself. Then tag 6 others, and also let them know that you’ve tagged them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here's my Wierd Quotient

  1. I can't keep my cupboards tidy. I set about 50% of it and then I get bored so 50% remains in a mess. Then I turn the remaining 50% into a mess in no time. So my cupboards are perennially messy
  2. I don't like to wear accessories. Although I get many of those as gifts I never wear them. So I don't appear as hip and fashionable as girls my age...and it doesn't bother me much on most days. But I am crazy about good perfumes. If I leave home without one on I feel incomplete.
  3. I am a very secretive person. I rarely share things on my mind. Sometimes causes me troubles.
  4. Strong odours give me a headache. It could be any perfume, stench or even too much hing in food.
  5. I have a strange thing for piling up things. Literally so too. So I pile up my books, my clothes and anything that can be piled. If my books are lying around, instead of putting them in their place I pile them up on my table.
  6. I am a big worrier. An problem in my mind is constantly churned, pondered over and this causes me a great deal of anxiety and troubles.
  7. I love music. And I want to be able to play many musical instruments. I play keyboard by the ear. Leave me with a keyboard I can play it for hours. I listen to songs whenever I can and I constantly have a song running in my ears. Even then I rarely hum a song and this makes my mom feel I am melancholy....which I am not
  8. I am quite bad at spellings and use often when I blog
  9. I got myself a pair of contact lenses with great enthusiasm since I didn't like wearing spects. But I rarely use them. Just ocassionally. After buying them I realised I am much more comfortable with my spects and I feel incomplete if I don''t wear them.
I tag

Monday, October 02, 2006

The tests

Severe writer's block right now. So not many posts from me at present. Plus Wadia Maternity for 15 days has driven me nuts. Plus also started studying for the entrance. So it all adds up to lesser than usual posts for the time being.

In the meanwhile I took these tests. Picked them up from Dadoji's site who in turn got them from Mumbai Girl.

My Loser Score

I am 13% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

My Nerd Score
I am nerdier than 31% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
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