Monday, October 23, 2006

Mixed Bag

Long time since I wrote a a lot of topics in this MIXED BAG....

Happy Diwali
Wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali. Happy New year to all celebrating it. My new year will be in March..

Had a fun time with funny/non funny names of late.

Today in the blood bank
Me: Aapka naam..?
Donor: Basudebh Das
So I started filling it in the form. B A S U D E B....
Donor:Basudebh mein B nahin...BHEE
Me: Ok. So I added the missing H, slightly confused
Donor: B nahee BHEE, BHEE.......'S', 'T', 'U', 'BHEE'

Then once at Oshiwara Maternity Home there was a lady called Photu, no jokes. The nurses had a fun time calling out to her....."Photudeveeeee" the way all B.Com ladies are addressed. Well here B.Com stands for "Bihari Community" and not Bachelor of Commerce (No offence to the Bihari's or Commercies). Photudevi's name was the talk of the town...(ok,just of OMH). One day at breakfast table with 2 neonatologists..

Neo 1: Arey postpartum ward mein ek patient ka naam hain Photu...what a name..heh heh
Neo 2:Uska Husband hoga Camera....aur unka surname studio...hah hah hah
Neo 1:(In his slightly pansy style) What funny names people call their kids.Sweety, Dolly!! I know a 60 yr old dadima called Sweety.......imagine calling a lady that old Sweety...
Neo 2: Arey par usko Sweety bulanewaley dadaji bhi utne hi old honge naa......

Nanhi Kalee
I wonder when Indians will get over their craze for a male child. Tired of seeing women with 2 or 3 daughters getting pregnant, hoping for a son.....relatives pulling a face "ladki huee"....women refusing to feed their new born baby girls.....Of men treating their wives like a "Baby producing factory".....of women with 3 girls going for a copper T, when advised permanent sterilisation saying "Ladke ka lalach hain thoda doctorsaab"

Fevicol Ad
Liked the new fevicol ad...which combines the words Diwali in English and Id in Urdu..its a hoarding. Tried to find a picture of it vain. But very nice.


  1. Isnt a copper T dangerous, or it has always felt like it to me.
    That bengali story was funny..
    Happy diwali varsha!!

  2. hey havent seen that fevicol ad...
    sounds interesting...will try to catch it if possible..

  3. hliarious post

  4. very nice post- will be here again

  5. good mixture of things.. lol the name photu - hilarious!
    what you gonna do about the hope for a boy, i think i myself am a mistake.
    after my sister, if i had ended up being a boy, there wouldnt a third sibling.
    since i was girl my parents tried one more time and lucked out with a boy, and stopped there.
    i mean dont get me wrong, my parents obviously never treated me different, but ITS PRESENT EVERYWHERE, some take it to the extreme.

  6. @ Aditi...when put by a proper person Cu T is safe...

    @ Shruti...if you manage a photograph please send it to me!!

    @ Pythoroshan...thanks

    @ are most welcome

    @ Chocolateluva...hmnn I'm sure they don't treat you different but 3rd sib mostly comes from familial pressure than from the couple's own wish. After all the family just cares about having the male...its the parents who have to bother about education and upbringing which ain't very easy these days.

  7. ur mixed bag has many things to tell...
    hope you are enjoying all..
    take care..

  8. nice one. LOL. funny I also did a bihar post

  9. It's pretty sad about the need for a buy child. It's actually pretty scary in a lot of states where the girl-boy ratio is dropping alarmingly. In some cases, they are actually turing to religious and caste authorities to try and do a sanction against these practises. Nothing seems to work - not the law, not all the tv campaigns, nothing.

  10. ROTFL..
    Enjoyed all the convos,Varsha..hehe..

  11. Photudevi ka naya bacchuva..

    Chota hua to SD CARD Khilavan
    Bada hua to MegaPixel mannu
    Chasma laga to Optical Zoom
    Langdaya to Tripaad babua
    Phoreigner to Passport Photu bihari
    Buddhu to is-Slow shutter

  12. Once a patient from Orissa was asking my cardio uncle "ab doctorsaab OjhoNe ka kya?". My uncle scratched his head about Ozone layer and global warming till the patient finally gesticulated lifting a bag with his hands.

  13. The Fevicol TV commercials are also quite amazing. Have you seen them?

  14. hilarious.... really good piece!

  15. Lol.. photudevi was too good..
    There was a patient in Ward 4 called "NAGIN"!! n during the post emerge rounds, i went on calling out loud.. Nagin kaun hai??!!!

    Then there was a south indian reg in surgery.He had a patient in opd with c/o Malena.My reg wanted to ask him for h/o Worms in stools.. so here he went in his south indian hindi..

    Reg:Sandaas mein Jaanwar aata hai??

    there was a total silence... patient look confused.. i was giggling..
    then came the reply..

    Patient: Nahin aata hai.. hum andar se kadi lagate hai!!!

    I fell down laughing my guts out..

  16. theres a nurse where i work, 5'8".. must be weighing approx 180 pounds.. with peppery black hair rolled into bun, almost 55-ish. not cute at all.
    an absolutely no nonsense matronly character.. she might even have been an undertaker.
    and her first name, turns out, is BABY (followed by a very desi surname)


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