Monday, February 26, 2007

My Visual DNA

Inspired by Aditi

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Finger

I spot her in the to her.
"Kitni umar hain bacche ki?"
No reply....she just showed me the finger.

I spot him in the crowd. His eyes meet mine...he nods...and shows me the finger.

Ahh....thats how the days are in the life of a "Pulse Polio" intern.

[For the uninitiated, any kid who has recieved the Polio vaccine on the immunisation day gets a mark on his little finger, to identify the unvaccinated ones.]


She was deft at dumping work on the world....she behaved as if she was the only one who had exams....I did my work sincerely. Never shirked. I was eager lo learn.

I don't deny she studied. And I don't deny I didn't.

She cracked the exams...I didn't.

I know ONLY hard work pays in the end...but somehow I still believed in natural justice.......

Disclaimer: This may not really make much sense.....leave it
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