Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HelpAge India

I need not say more.

I pray nothing like this befalls anyone I know, lest at my hands deliberately or unwittingly..


  1. 2 causes quite close to me.. children and the elderly.. and its sad that we dont do enough to help them forgetting that we were once that age or will be

  2. omg.. i do love the old people. i lost my patience with one of my patients at the hospital once and he looked up at me and said
    " to me when you cant wipe your own butt, something uve been doing for 86 years.. talk to me when you cant put on your own underwear and you cant read and talk and write properly.. then tell me how im sitting wrong."

    SINCE then, ive never ever said to anyone "i can understand how much pain you are in.." CAUSE I CANT. i think patience is the key with a child or an older person for that matter.

  3. nice video ! some old people are quite rude though which makes it even more difficult to help them!

  4. Very touchy It's really sad state of affairs.

  5. :(

    first time here. btw, nice blog!

  6. having no one to talk to when ur old, is one of the saddest things. Never neglect the seniors in ur family. They r still breathing!

    This brought tears to my eyes...I was thinking of my granma...altho we all loved her so much, Im sure she had some lonely times towards her last days..cos she was ill and all alone in a room in my aunt's house...just thinking of that makes me wanna cry!

    Touching one!

  7. @ Velu, Keshi..welcome

    @ Wm...welcome back

    @ All..I know, this one makes me cry over and over again. Sometimes I too miss on keeping in touch with my gran. Or get bugged with her for no reason. But then I remember this. She isn't living alone, but figuratively she is....

  8. yea very very true in every household today i geuss.. and very sad ofcourse...

    but then i hope atleast each one of us take steps to make sure ateast we dont have to see it around us.

    btw.. hey varsha.. long time.. hows ya been ;)


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