Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kids Say........

Firstly, Thanks Harekrishnaji for your concern. I am very much around. Just with my exams nearing, blogging has taken a back seat for the moment.

Snippets of some interesting dialogues I have had with my naughty 5 year old niece Ananya. This post is dedicated to my sis (sister in law, technically) Radhika, who is Ananya's mother and wanted to maintain a log of all these funnies.

Disclaimer: Some of the convos may not seem too funny to those who don't know Anu....some jokes could be situational, and difficult to put into words.
Most of the dialogues are Ad verbatim(as I remember) So kindly excuse the grammatical lapses.

Playing Games
Usually once she returns home from school, Anu has this habit of pestering me with "Play with me na for FIVE minutes". On the occasions on which I do comply, we are almost never done in 5 minutes.
One day, after I returned from my classes, I was in no mood to study and was dying to play with Anu. However she took no heed of my genuine requests.
Next day after she came from school,

Anu: Play with me no for FIVE minutes.
Varsha Mami: No dear I have to study.
Anu: How much you study!! Play with me no......only five minutes......
VM: Your 5 mins never get over.....And yesterday, when I was begging to play with you, why didn't you play with me?!
Anu: Oh. I was not in a mood to play na! And I was very busy. But today if you beg, I will play with you...promise.

Being Humble
Anu: Please put on the fan
VM: No way. I am not feeling well. And I am feeling verrry cold.
Anu: But I won't feel cold...put on the fan.
VM: No I said.....I am running a fever. Sorry, no fan
Anu: (standing next to me, holding my hands, with a forlorn expression) Please put on the fan. Very please, verry please. I am saying very please no...put on the fan.

Anu: When will you have a baby?
VM: After I finish studying.
Anu: Why can't you have a baby when you are studying?
VM: Arrey, If my baby says "Play with me" I will have no time na...
Anu: Then I will play! I am also alone na, I get bored.
VM: But small babies need a lot of their clean the, feed them...
Anu: I will play and look after your baby. I will come from school and play with your baby. (after a moment of thinking) No, I will come from school, wash my hands, eat food and play with your baby, OK?!
VM: Hmnnn...OK. I will have a baby when you are old enough to look after him/her.....
Anu: OK.

There is a lot more to come.......


  1. My colleague had a baby gal last month n named her Ananya as well.. :).. tht caught my attention first

    kids say the funniest things ever.. lol @ if you beg today i will play line
    i had been to my mama's place yest and a lil brat there kept me entertained the whole day

    btw, how is it mami instead of mavshi.. or is it sis-in-law

    belated marriage wishes to you and Nagesh :)

  2. I was wondering where this lady had dissappeared. Now I realise that she was busy playing with this naughty Ananya

  3. hey Varsha,

    that was sooooooo cute... proper kiddie kiddie type talks ... hehe... Loved the playing games part... n mez seen Ananya's snaps from Nagsanna.. she's a darliiiiing!

    Been reading ur blog for quite some time now. n have enjoyed some of them very much.

    keep'em coming


  4. kids do say the funniest things ever.. anyway good to see u are enjoying married life
    good luck on the exmas

  5. my little princess, my niece, Sampada, is also like Anu. Right now she is in Dubai and coming back home next week.

    How much we miss her.


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