Monday, December 15, 2008


Currently posted in ECT...that is for the past 2 weeks and two more weeks I shall be providing short General Anaesthesia (Short GA) or TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) to patients undergoing ECT or Electro convulsive therapy, the so called "shock therapy"

No, shock therapy is NOT as scary, greusome as shown in films and soaps on TV.
1) The patient is well sedated, rather anaesthetised and doesn't remember that he underwent shock therapy

2) He/She is relaxed and does not convulse like "oh-my-god-he's-going-to-die"

3) After the procedure, in 5 minutes flat, te patient walks out of the ECT room to his bed, on his own

Ward 1 is our Psychiatry ward. Secluded from the rest of the hospital, this ward has a mix of patients. The ward (thankfully) has staff who is EXCELLENT.....all in caps. Patient with their patients, efficient, with a decent amout of sense of humour...all that you need to survive in a ward of so called "mad" people (Its a CRIME to call them that)

There's a girl who's violent, one who is so quiet that it hurts, one who sings aloud and dances all over the ward, when she is not crying for her "mummy", two schizophrenic brothers......They all make me wish I had taken up psychiatry as my field of specialisation. Though I'm not too sure I would have been able to digest their sorrow, heal their pain, face the fact that I may never be able to treat them and live peacefully inspite of and amidst all that.......


Came across a nice blog of an Anaesthesiologist from Boston.... Notes of an Anesthesioboist.

Inspired by her old post I too would love to make a list of what I would have loved to be if I wasn't an Anaesthesiologist (read studying to be an anaesthesiologist)

1. Psychiatrist
2. Ophthalmologist
3. Pastry Chef
4. Own a Coffee shop
5. Classical Music Performer
10. Stage Actor
20. Preprimay teacher
50. General Surgeon
100. Dentist
5,000. General Practitioner
1,00,000. Spiritual Guru (Heh heh, suggest me a good name)
3,99,999. Ob Gy
4,00,000. House wife

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Singh Is King

Two days ago, me to Nagesh

" How many bronzes will we win this year?....One ..heh heh heh. And the winner will get Khel Ratna, Bharat Ratna etc awards....blah blah blah" (read as cynicism, cynicism and more cynicism)

Thanks Abhinav, you showed me how wrong I was. With small steps, we are definitely treading towards success. With you the leading the path....First Olympic Gold for the country.

Cynics may talk about "rich sports and social sports" blah. But I am, like any common Indian man, very very proud of you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shaky Hands...long time no blog

I am back to blogging after a hiatus so long, that I am not too sure what I write will be good enough to be posted. But there have to be some beginnings..however humble.

Life as a PG student at Nair, as an anaesthetist is good but certainly not enviable.

Some snippets of recent conversation between me and my friend when we were out shopping

"You can wear this dress when you go for some outings with your husband"

"I hardly go man....."

"What about your weekends ?"

"I mostly sleep. Every third sunday I am at the hospital"

"Pass me some water"....drinks

"Now a days my bag smells like a hospital"

" So does your water bottle......"

"So do my clothes and my hair"

"MAN your life sucks big time.....Varshu I could never do what you are doing......."

"I know, whats worse, I am loving it"

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Long time no post....

Since the last post I had
1) Exams
2) Not too great results
3) Job at Wockhardt Hospitals
4) Sudden twist of Diploma Anaesthesia at Nair hospital.

Now I wow, I will try and blog whenever I can.......
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