Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Singh Is King

Two days ago, me to Nagesh

" How many bronzes will we win this year?....One ..heh heh heh. And the winner will get Khel Ratna, Bharat Ratna etc awards....blah blah blah" (read as cynicism, cynicism and more cynicism)

Thanks Abhinav, you showed me how wrong I was. With small steps, we are definitely treading towards success. With you the leading the path....First Olympic Gold for the country.

Cynics may talk about "rich sports and social sports" blah. But I am, like any common Indian man, very very proud of you.


  1. bronze ---> silver ---> gold

    been a nice journey :)
    Im proud of him... but cant say this would be the beginning of a new era in Indian sports as all the media have cooked up...
    come on, he was a millionaire and had his own shooting range... im not taking away anything from his medal, but its a sad story that the sports authority cannot provide for world class facilities to sportsmen...

    Its high time the corporate sector started funding the sports...

    India can play well only one game :CRICKET... that too cuz only a handful of countries are playing...
    If cricket becomes a part of the olympics, i bet the chinese wud take away the gold with a clinical approach...

  2. I guess we are progressing...and for good..though we may not get a heap of medals but we are certainly setting better standards than before. Time for the government to realize that it needs to support athletes and get them facilities and infrastructure to hone their skills.

    The indian common man is progressing, the system may support him or not!
    Congratulations Bindra, I am proud of you too!

  3. Hi there... Thanks for reminding me i have a blog... been neglecting it for ages... Nice to bump into you here in the virtual world as well.. pleasant surprise..

    Nice blog u have going on here as well.. :-)

    Ophthal is missing you.. :-)

  4. ्दNice to see your blog becoming alive after such inexplanable gap.

    Please keep on writting blogs.

  5. I remebmered you and Nagesh this morning at GSB Seva Mandal

  6. ya recently we were discussing about the olympics in china.

    some of them said that it is symbol of patriotism

    if it holds true then we shldnt be so proud.

    anyways but the reason that we get less medals compared to many tiny nations are many

    selection - politics
    taking sports are carrier - its hard decision to take for indians as the monetary gains are not substantial

    and most imp our soaring population
    it makes the world so competative that survival is the main concern and so many people even if they like sports dont take it as carrier

  7. lol.. yes we did get a gold.. lol i liked that movie too.. such a off track from ure post. hehehe. it was a really moronic comedy, but i love comedy movies.

  8. Cynic... grrrr. yeah that was me saying social sports v/s rich sports... i would want to see galli-player shambhu and his futbal team win the gold medal too!

  9. तुम्हाला ही दिवाळी आणि नवीन वर्ष आनंदाचे आणि सुख-समृद्धीचे जावो


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