Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Can't Live Without

Not too strong, not too mild, steaming hot, flavoured or plain sometimes, almost unsweetened and best made by Aai or me.....
Loved the mint tea and lemon grass tea I had today at Resham Bhavan's Tea Centre. Pricey at Rs.40 a cup but absolutely fabulous.
At college I love the tajmahal tea bag tea which lady at the vending machine has learnt to make just the way I like. And the best part is that her machine runs till 1.00 am.....good when I am out on some night calls...

Be it my phone or my Sony Walkman mp3 player....cannot imagine enduring the train journey without the music, or FM.
Sounds something like this

Main to jantar se hi darta hu,
Bass pyaar ka mantar karta hu,
Inn chakkar mein naa padta hu,
Hai rabba yeh kya ho gaya?

"Arey jagah do na andar janeko......"

Main to haar gaya kambakkht ishq,
Mujhe maar gaya kambakkht ishq,
Hai rabba yeh kya ho gaya?

"Maine pehle jagah boli thi.....woh 4th pe"

You’re my baby, but you are driving me crazy, crazy girl,
You’re my baby, but you are driving driving driving

"tumahri galti hain.....mereko taney mat maro, samazta hain muzko bhi"

You’re my baby, but you are driving me crazy, crazy girl,
You’re my baby, but you are driving driving driving..............

Can't imagine not meeting my gals and chatting with them. May happen just 1-4 times a year but each meet is something I look forward to and can't miss for anything in the world. We shop, sometimes dine,but mostly hang out at cafes and share coffee and life.....

Mums the best. Need I say more?


My 40 winks, my recharge for the day. The thing I love to do the most any time of the day. Max I have slept is 16 hours straight after my 2nd MBBS Microbiology practicals, which had been a very taxing exam

Novels, short stories, classics, my text books. Feel incomplete without a book in my hand. Or in my bag. Or by my bedside. Love buying them, reading them, gifting them and hate sharing them with anyone.


  1. hey! long time! Well didn't know you too so fond of tea. Have wondered many a times..why is isn't there a chain of cafe's like CCD or Barista for Tea. Would have been good to have one around !!!

  2. Oh I love tea! next time you are in Mumbai lets meet at Tea Centre at Churchgate. there is this new thing called wagh bakri tea lounge at vile parle...never been there though

  3. sure, but the best tea(s) i have had is at these 'taparis' - roadside tea stalls which just make tea.
    Guess the feeling of freshness it gives u beats all others!!

  4. hi varsha was surfing thro aayis recipes when i clicked on a comment bby you and whoaaa
    wht a blog
    i am dr shivani a pediatrician and i practice in thane
    you write reaallly well and by any chabce r u in sion hosp for ur pg???
    coz wahaan per wd no 1 is psy
    i did my ug and pg from sion
    lovely articles......
    have become soo very nostalgic ..

    and the last question for the day

    how do u ggetthe time to blog?????????????


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