Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ha Ha

Anaesthesiologist (Age 73 years),  Patient (Age 60 years). Ages of the surgeon, surgical residents and the anaesthesiology resident do not matter

A: Aunty, open your eyes, the surgery is over
No response from "aunty"

After a lot of waiting, and adequate pharmacological reversal of anaesthetic agents we gave up and sent her to the ICU with the tube in....

If I was Mrs. M I too would have kept sleeping.....


  1. but why :) i did not get it sorry


    1. and a post from you after so many months .. hope you write more now :)

  2. 73 yr old calling 60 yr old aunty?! Anyway pt didn't get up for some other reason but this is just my comic reasoing ;)

  3. I went to Nair and love reading your blog-you should post more often.

  4. auntyji, get up and dance...wah, wah wah, kya ishtory hai..

    It's a lethal combo - a doc and a writer!! And such a wonderful one, at that..


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