Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drive Away...

Fiction, inspired largely by Sri's writing... Thanks dude!

Vasaiwali- Vegetable vendor, a lady, who gets her stuff from Vasai, near Mumbai. 

When she didn't find the Vasaiwali again today, Megha was a bit upset. Since she had started buying her daily vegetables from her, there was no looking back. She had the freshest veggies in the whole of Parle market at a reasonable rate. She strolled in the lane, hoping she had shifted her stall to another place. And she did find her, walking with a bag and her empty wicker basket.
Megha tapped her on her shoulder  "Didi, I was looking for you!"
"Arey tai, I am sold out for the day....I was hoping you would come" she replied with a smile. "I'll be here tomorrow".
And she walked away, quickly disappearing in the crowded market lane before Megha could reply back.

Irritated with her luck, Megha walked to the Vasaiwali's spot and shopped at the next stall which looked less crowded.
"Madam, new in this market?" one of the vendors at the stall asked while packing her purchase.
"No no" she said handing him a few notes and rummaging through her purse for some more change "I have shopped here for years now. My vasaiwali seems to be done for the day she muttered with irritation, half to herself"
"Vasaiwali? Which one?" asked the other vendor with a surprised look
"The one who sits at that stall"
"Madam!" gasped the stall owner, "She's not been seen for a while now. We heard that she passed away, last week......" he muttered in a hushed voice.
"What, I just....." Megha trailed off, beads of perspiration soaking her forehead. She grabbed her bags and walked away from the market for a breath of fresh air.


"I wonder why this madam got so scared, good she bought our story though" laughed the vendor.
"Yeah, that Vasaiwali...let me teach her a lesson. Minus one more customer for her......"

Happy Days!

After two long working days, you return home. 

Inbox opened after 2 days, shows 20 new mails, most being notifications about comments on blog posts!

This kind of stuff totally makes my day, eggs me on to write more.

Thank you readers! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Q and A

"Why do you love me?" she asked

"Hmnn.......for your money, which I will inherit" he said, still looking into his laptop

"C'mon, how do you know you will outlive me?"

"I'll manage that...."

"Stop this nonsense"she said, a bit irritated

"Then you stop asking me these silly questions..."

Sunday, February 19, 2012


She woke up in the middle of the night with a bad dream and a dry throat. She dragged her feet to the kitchen for a sip of water and found him gobbling sinful chocolate cookies the neighbor had sent over last evening and she had disallowed him from eating.

Ah, dieting......

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wake up Love.....

She fell asleep on the couch, waiting for him to come home, to have dinner together.

 When she woke up, morning sun rays were all over the room and she was surprised to find herself in her bed, flowers by her bedside and smell of fresh tea and breakfast. Ah its going to be a lovely weekend she thought....and he came into the bedroom with a tray carrying the tea pot, cookies and cheese sandwiches, and a broad smile on his face and said...

"Honey wake up, I'm hungry...whats for dinner!"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Gift myspace graphic comments
Sneha was upset. With life, with the day... and with Saurabh. Mostly with Saurabh. In fact, just with Saurabh. For refusing to turn up on Valentine's day.
 She was sitting in her clinic, toying with her pen stand, cursing herself for fighting with him, yet understanding how difficult it was for him to come to Ambala from Bhopal where he was at present. And she was angry with herself for being so demanding yet understanding. Practical yet foolish. And helplessly in love. She hated whoever that Saint Valentine was for coming up with such a useless hyped day. There were just a few of her routine patients who had come for their follow up. She tackled them all and was fiddling with the hair, replaying their conversation over the past few days.

"I cannot come dear, its the middle of the week. Its a working day!"
"Oh come on, your work and the world won't stop if you do....I mean just come for a day!"
"And do what? Whole of Ambala knows you, we possible cannot go out. Unless you have told your folks about us...or you want to go ahead and do it!"
"You know I have not, and lets not get into that...there is a right time to do that and we have discussed it amply.."
"So dear, what am I to do there?"
"Oh think of something...I have to see you, its been long....."
"Three months" said Saurabh "Not so bad"
Long enough to feel like a lifetime....she didn't say that though.

"Maam, a new patient for you", her assistant Bela chirped, breaking Sneha's reveire.
"Now? Strange..... was there an appointment?"
"No madam, he just says its sort of urgent....shall I let him in"
"Hmnnn...OK, in a minute..."

She took a blank sheet of paper, and a deep breath. Get the thoughts out and let the sunshine in.....she told herself. She began writing some random list on the paper, trying to get away from the thoughts dancing in her head, when she heard a familiar voice

"May I......."
"Saurabh!!" She was mildly shocked and astonished. There he stood in his handsome glory, his dimpled smile and travel ruffled hair. With his sack slung on his back and a single long stemmed perfect red rose in his hand.
"Did you really believe I would have missed this day for anything in the world?"
" did you come?when I mean...." she was too flabbergasted to make any sense
"I just wanted to tease and surprise you...." He came in and shut the door behind him. "Bela doesn't know me right? Lets not confuse her doc!" he said as he held her gently in his arms.
Tears were streaming down Sneha's cheeks as he lovingly smoothed her hair.

Next hour in the clinic flew like 5 quick minutes when he gave her a small gift for the keep her going till the next meeting, whenever that would be. They had a cup of tea, shared a few laughs and took pictures to treasure for the days to come. After almost an hour, Saurabh reluctantly moved out...pained at the thought of leaving Sneha, and more at the thought of the long Ambala- Chandigarh- Bhopal trip back!

"Sir....." chirped Bela as Saurabh was leaving, "You forgot to make the payment..."
"Oh, I am so sorry, how much will that be?" Saurabh asked with a disarming grin
While Bela was writing a receipt for him, Saurabh stole a last glance at keep him going for the next few months.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I want to write....

... But I am lazy yet supposedly busy!

....Brimming with ideas but yet not writing

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