Thursday, April 28, 2011

He, She...and It

He is the husband, she is his wife and it is the husband's camera

He, she and it are on their way to a party somewhere in the evening. He stops on the way, picks it up and takes a shot of the Mumbai University Building. They walk a few steps and he again picks it up and takes another shot, form a different angle of the same university. She is a bit impatient to get to the party. After some 5 or 7 shots of Rajabai Tower, University taken across the Oval maidan, she has totally lost it.

She: We are getting late for the party

He: Wait I am taking some great shots. What a structure, man!

She waits for a few minutes

She: (sighs) I wish you would take half as many pictures of me.

He: (oblivious vs ignoring) Look at this classic shot! See the lighting? Amazing!

She: Wish you were half as interested in taking pictures of me!

He: (Pulls her cheeks) I will be sweetheart, when you are 200 years old.


  1. Would you like to add a disclaimer ... "Based on a true life story"?

  2. I could write a similar - She He and "IT" where it is the laptop ;-)

  3. hehehe varsha and nagesh guessed its are the kids!!!!!!!!!!!


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