Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wake up Love.....

She fell asleep on the couch, waiting for him to come home, to have dinner together.

 When she woke up, morning sun rays were all over the room and she was surprised to find herself in her bed, flowers by her bedside and smell of fresh tea and breakfast. Ah its going to be a lovely weekend she thought....and he came into the bedroom with a tray carrying the tea pot, cookies and cheese sandwiches, and a broad smile on his face and said...

"Honey wake up, I'm hungry...whats for dinner!"


  1. doc, you r showin prodromal signs of falling prey of the epidemic of 55 word fiction :)
    good read!

  2. thanks.....inspired by your latest post!

  3. you're a doc????

    Arre, bhaaago re yahan see...


  4. flash fiction - one of the most difficult forms - but you seem to be hooking on!! lovely!

  5. Varsha, needto tell u one thing...i am in love with ur writing skills...just loving it. M in office and its 10.45 AM, have too many pending tasks, but still reading on n on ur all ur posts.
    Btw i don't know if u rem me, ia m part of yummy mummy and ur fb frnd too.
    U rock!!!



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