Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Poor Man's Blood

Story Courtesy: Dr. Meena Galliara

Post 11/7 blasts in Mumbai each and every Mumbaikar wanted to do something for the injured who need help. This feeling is intense amongst people who were not present at the site and may not have been able to help in any way. And not all of us have the cash resources but we readily donate one thing we all can...some thing that cannot be replaced..that is Blood.

NMIMS had organised a blood donation camp at the college for student volunteers and anyone else who wished to donate for the noble cause. Dr. Galliara and her department was actively involved in this campaign. The student turnover was awesome and probably more than they anticipated or even were prepared to handle.

A frail looking poor man turned up there. He was so poor that he didn't even have anything to wear in his feet. And the organisers knew from his looks that he couldn't possibly qualify for the donation as he was certainly less than the mandatory 50 kgs. When asked how he had learnt of the camp he said,
"I saw your board outside and came over to donate blood. I lost my brother and bhabhi in the blasts. They were my only kin in this world. Now I have no one in this world and I don't wish to live. Government has promised compensation for the kin of the dead. But whats the use of all the money? If I come into too much of money, some long lost relatives might turn up like leeches and run away once they get what they wish. So please take all the blood you wish from my body......1 bottle, or 2 or even 3 if you need."

Sad but true.......

The poor man had to go back without donating a single pint of blood as he weighed only 45 kg.


  1. How did i miss this one before?
    It is sad the aftermath of the blasts and yet one has to applaud his attempt to help..

  2. I too missed this.
    Poor fellow but admirable spirit.
    We had collected 220 bottles in the morning in 1993 and the blasts happened the same afternoon.

  3. Very touching..
    You put the picture so nicely that it brings tears to my eyes..


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