Saturday, August 05, 2006

50 Things about me

I am inspired by Boo and her list to make my list of 50 things about myself.

  1. I am very sensitive.
  2. I love eating good food and I live to eat.
  3. I am a quiet girl and prefer listening to talking.
  4. I love good music....classical, devotional as well as rock.
  5. I love watching plays and prefer theatre to movies. Also love to act in plays
  6. I love my family dearly and I am attached to my mother and brother
  7. I believe in God although I am not very religious.
  8. But I fail to understand God's doings. I fail to understand why he took my dad away from me at a young age
  9. I miss my dad very much.
  10. I love my fiance a lot and he brings out the best in me.
  11. I love cooking though I still have to master the art.
  12. I believe in having a positive attitude and I am an optimist
  13. But even then I get nervous easily.
  14. I derive great pleasure from small things in life.
  15. I believe in simple living and high thinking.
  16. But I do love living a luxirious life.
  17. I believe in doing my work with utmost sincerity.
  18. I cannot lie...even if I want too.
  19. I cry easily.
  20. I dress simply and hate putting on any makeup
  21. I don't like coloured hair and keep my hair jet black..however 'boring' black hair may be.
  22. But I can't live without good perfumes and I don't leave home without putting any.
  23. I love chocolates.
  24. I am obsessed with oral hygiene.
  25. When God was alloting creativity, I was absconding.
  26. I feel sad to see terminally ill people.
  27. I feel I am blessed.
  28. I love tea
  29. I hate getting forwards.
  30. I love getting comments on my blog.
  31. I love to exercise.
  32. I love slothing as well!
  33. I hate getting up especially on winter mornings.
  34. I love talking to my friends.
  35. I wish I was more assertive than I am.
  36. I wish I was better at anger management.
  37. I wish I was better at time management.
  38. Poverty makes me ill.
  39. I hope to be famous one day
  40. I like being economical but I hate to scrounge.
  41. I don't like to see people dieting.
  42. I would rather be plump and happy than slim, sexy and starving.
  43. I love birthday parties.
  44. I believe in fate and destiny.
  45. I believe in natural justice.
  46. I don't keep grudges.
  47. But I do not forget hurt easily.
  48. I love reading novels.
  49. I am quite a lazy person.
  50. I believe good things happen to good people.


  1. Wow now we know u real well

  2. hehe nice, now make a list of stuff you would LIKE to do. that was my first blog posting and I am 7 down so feeling nice and cheery about how stuff does work out after all. Do visit my blog. Cheers!

  3. Nice post and got to learn a lot about your likes and dislikes.I do think a lot along the same lines as you but somehow I have noticed good things happen to bad people. My mother was an extremly good person and God took her young.

  4. Well "Know thyself" is supposed to be one of the toughest things but you know yourself so well. I would never be able to write 50 things. congratulations.

  5. I definitely know one thing about me. That I would never write something like this on MY blog (or anywhere for that matter) :)

  6. Good stuff. Now that we know you, we can have a good meet.

  7. @ dadoji...sure...

    @ hiren...even i thought the compilation would be tough, hence tried doing it but was not as difficult as i thought

    @ starry nights...God took my dad too when he was very young..thats why i say I don't understand His doing...uski leela agaadh hain

    @ dazed....don't write it in a public forum, but try for yourself...good experience

    @ like dadoji says now we are a bit better equipped for the meet and ice cream dake exchange

    @ mellow...thanks, liked your blog too . shall add it to my blogroll

  8. That sort of paints a picture about ya. :)

    I am an agnostic and not sure about how god works or if there is one. How do I explain to my niece who is not even 10, why he took away her dad suddenly last year at the age of 35?

    Keep blogging, like your site.

  9. That was one neat list.

    I believe good things happen to good people

    I'm one of those bad things that happen to good people ;)

  10. @ Me...hah hah hah

    @ Jay..thanks. Ya its difficult. When I was 4 yrs and realised that my dad isn't with us anymore I had a tough time digesting that. I still don't know why I was not blessed even 3 full years with him. But then I think atleast God gave me a strong mom who was educated enough to work at a good post, earn well and not beg at anybody's feet for support and never give us an opportunity to feel..had dad been alive things would have been different. But there are no answers. In times of adversity the easiest thing to do is lose faith.

  11. cant believe the first time i'm readin it is years after you posted it. whats nice about it is you are more objective and less narcisstic inspite of bein a happy successful person. thats honestly rare. and you arent giving a damn about bein vulnerable, so how about
    1. things i dont like about me
    and 2. revised edition- things i like about me.


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