Thursday, September 13, 2007

Matru Din

Yesterday was Shravan Amavasya (New Moon Day). This is the Indian equivalent of "Mother's Day".
So wishing all mothers A Very Happy Matru Din!!

In The meanwhile, this is the flavour I would be if I was an ice cream . Got it from Chocletluva's Blog.
Coincidentally, she is "Chocolate Chip Ice cream"...the one I would, they say, get along well with. Wow!
You Are Strawberry Ice Cream

A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.
You often find yourself on the outside looking in.
Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.

You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.


  1. Oh man I love choco chip, choco chunk, dark chocolate but I ain't shy and least I don't think so...slurp!

  2. i guess its time i chked what my flavor is...
    didnt know abt yesterday.. thanks for sharing

  3. ahh i am choco chip most compatible with u

  4. hehe... yay! we're compatible!! hehehe.. weirdly STRAWBERRY is my favorite fruit and my favorite flavor in things.. =)..

  5. and oo i soo didnt know about yesterday -- interesting.


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