Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shaky Hands...long time no blog

I am back to blogging after a hiatus so long, that I am not too sure what I write will be good enough to be posted. But there have to be some beginnings..however humble.

Life as a PG student at Nair, as an anaesthetist is good but certainly not enviable.

Some snippets of recent conversation between me and my friend when we were out shopping

"You can wear this dress when you go for some outings with your husband"

"I hardly go man....."

"What about your weekends ?"

"I mostly sleep. Every third sunday I am at the hospital"

"Pass me some water"....drinks

"Now a days my bag smells like a hospital"

" So does your water bottle......"

"So do my clothes and my hair"

"MAN your life sucks big time.....Varshu I could never do what you are doing......."

"I know, whats worse, I am loving it"


  1. Its so good to see you write again...and your doing just fine so don worry!

    I liked the last line the most! :)... I love the way you blog about conversations. They are lively and real :)

  2. Hey hey ...the post makes me feel someone is having a great time @ Nair !!!
    Kool girl keep up the good job..I can absolutely relate with the joy of not having to sit @ home !

  3. oh!!
    dont worry... the first couple of postings are a bit heavy, esp when u get ortho OT...

    still ur doing much better than if ud have got into G Med :D

    anyways, good to see u back to blogging... it inspires me to start again :D

    p.s. Did u meet my friend Tanmay Patil and Varun Jain?? they r in 2nd yr nair anaesthesia...

  4. saali!!! hope u had a fun birthday...miss ya loads...hugs.

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  6. Hey Varsha!
    Hi, had completely forgotten about you writing blogs. Anyways, good to know that you enjoying at Nair. Came down a couple of times to meet Nikhil, though late at nights - usual time he gets free. So didn't run into you.
    Me doin good.
    Anyways, Good luck ya.

  7. @ Abhishek..thanks. I'm inspired to write more often now

    @ sameera.....when are yo joining school? hope you are having fun....

    @ Parag...ya met Varun, Tamnay, Kunal....You bet I'm much better off that I would have been doing Surg , Med or any damn branch with ward work...too much manjan

    @ Amrita...Fun birthday...check out my friend Aditi's orkut album

    @ Abhay...good to see ya here! DO come in during the day too.....Nikhil, poor chap eats slice cake for dinner. He's all set to disappear...

    @ All..thanks. I never thought that people will be checking my blog anymore considering the long hibernation......

  8. where are u dos ? missing from blog

  9. Hey Sis,
    I'm joining school from 24th of September :)
    Till then - I'm cooking and blogging ;) and enjoying my vacation :D and of-course going places with "S"


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