Monday, September 28, 2009

Stretched Weekend

Sunday, Dasara off and a leave on tuesday due to a family emergency....boy have I postponed my Monday morning blues to Wednesday!

Dasara wishes to everyone.....

This year the lazy girl didn't do anything she was supposed to do for Dasara, which she has been doing since ages, the celebration which braved 4 years of hostel just to be left when the girl was not on call, not tired and very much at home...tch tch....a very bad girl, a little sorry and guilty girl.

Saw "Whats your Rashee". Was expecting the rashi kanyas to be atleast a bit like the rashee they were portraying but that was not the case, or atleast not very obviously so....Songs were too many and non hummable. Characters were well portrayed and direction was good. Like all Ashoutosh Gowarikar films, the cinematography was terrific but the movie was painfully long (a la Jodha Akbar, Lagaan and Swades. All loooong but well shot) For the actors, a fly won't fly off Harman's face. Priyanka was good and versatile. All the Gujjus were convincing. The detective bit was totally not needed. If you can sit in a place for 4.5 hrs straight then the movie is fine for a one time watch (Although Jiju, Radhika and Nagesh so hated the movie). Seats in Big Cinema at (the premium once we had taken ) were not exactly comfortable. Hope the message gets to Anil Bhai.

At the end of this post it just struck me that I have watched each one of AG film in a movie hall. Record of sorts considering I rarely ever watch movies , lesser so at the theatres.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Whats WRONG With Me?!

In just one week, I managed to make a massive mess in my simple life...
First, I drown my dear mobile phone in water

Then, in my attempts to dry it, I lose my 2gb memory card which had a lot of interesting pics I had taken and very smartly not made a back up of on my PC.

Then since I do not have an extra CDMA handset, I move to a GSM number which I have and use my old Nokia handset for the same, the charger of which I manage to drop and break.

Somewhere while this all was happening I lose my nice not too old Titan Raaga watch and don't even remember where I lose it......

Then after one busy call where I work straight for 20 hours, I "oversleep" (3.5 hrs instead of the only 2.5 hours limit I had to show up in OT on time) much to the disappointment of my seniors....


I NEED A BREAK!! And a new phone...........

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ganapati Webcast at my home

Dear Friends, for the fourth year around, i am attempting to organize a webcast of the Ganesh Celebrations at my home.. the webcast will be visible through the widget below

Kindly Sign the guest book (CLICK HERE) and leave your wishes and feedback.

Kindly Sign the guest book (CLICK HERE) and leave your wishes and feedback.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Can't Live Without

Not too strong, not too mild, steaming hot, flavoured or plain sometimes, almost unsweetened and best made by Aai or me.....
Loved the mint tea and lemon grass tea I had today at Resham Bhavan's Tea Centre. Pricey at Rs.40 a cup but absolutely fabulous.
At college I love the tajmahal tea bag tea which lady at the vending machine has learnt to make just the way I like. And the best part is that her machine runs till 1.00 am.....good when I am out on some night calls...

Be it my phone or my Sony Walkman mp3 player....cannot imagine enduring the train journey without the music, or FM.
Sounds something like this

Main to jantar se hi darta hu,
Bass pyaar ka mantar karta hu,
Inn chakkar mein naa padta hu,
Hai rabba yeh kya ho gaya?

"Arey jagah do na andar janeko......"

Main to haar gaya kambakkht ishq,
Mujhe maar gaya kambakkht ishq,
Hai rabba yeh kya ho gaya?

"Maine pehle jagah boli thi.....woh 4th pe"

You’re my baby, but you are driving me crazy, crazy girl,
You’re my baby, but you are driving driving driving

"tumahri galti hain.....mereko taney mat maro, samazta hain muzko bhi"

You’re my baby, but you are driving me crazy, crazy girl,
You’re my baby, but you are driving driving driving..............

Can't imagine not meeting my gals and chatting with them. May happen just 1-4 times a year but each meet is something I look forward to and can't miss for anything in the world. We shop, sometimes dine,but mostly hang out at cafes and share coffee and life.....

Mums the best. Need I say more?


My 40 winks, my recharge for the day. The thing I love to do the most any time of the day. Max I have slept is 16 hours straight after my 2nd MBBS Microbiology practicals, which had been a very taxing exam

Novels, short stories, classics, my text books. Feel incomplete without a book in my hand. Or in my bag. Or by my bedside. Love buying them, reading them, gifting them and hate sharing them with anyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nameless Post

So I can't think of a good name for my post......

Rainy day and I'm home today with my hot cup of tea. Home not because of the strike....I have been visiting college in spite of our MARD strike. Attending meetings, taking part in rallies and the works. But the rains lashing out at the city have kept me home. Every year there is one July day when Mumbaians stay home thanks to heavy rains. So this year, hopefully this was that day......

Over the past few days, one thing I have learn't about myself...Mint is probably my favorite flavour! I love mint in my tea, mint chutney in my sandwiches. I love Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate icecream (People with no taste dare to call it toothpaste flavoured ice cream). After Eight is one of my favorite chocolates. Recently I went shopping to Fabindia and ended up buying a mint soap for myself (Loved it too).

Visited Bangalore and stayed with Nagesh's cousin and his family. Loved the city, loved my new family. And loved the workshop on mechanical ventilation for which had gone to Bangalore. Or Bengaluru? Suits fine......
Small regrets....I couldn't meet my best buddy in Bangalore, thanks to my short trip. Couldn't catch up with a dear friend with whom I had stayed a year ago when I was in Bangalore, who, with his family had been extremely nice and accomodating when I had visited them over a year ago, thanks to my lack of planning and an ounce of laziness.....

MIL has now moved to Colaba, again, thanks to jijaji being shuttled off to Vizag by the Indian me back to home plus work.... sigh

Monday, May 04, 2009

So Far So Good......

.....that I have started blogging again and am maintaining a decent frequency of posting. Came today to my uncle's place since my mom is here for a small diagnostic procedure. God's grace she is doing good post procedure.

So when I went today to Byculla station to come here to meet ma, there was a huge wait to buy tickets. Wonder why on a hot Monday afternoon instead of sitting quietly indoors people want to travel by train. Duh. So there was a huge crowd. And probably some Delhi board exams too. My way of beating the ticketing crowd is the smart use of coupons or the ATVM card. Since I was out of coupons I went to the window to buy some. There I saw a young barely 18 or 19 year old boy with a 20 rupee note telling a person at the front in the huge queue "Please buy me a ticket, I am getting late for my exams". As apathetic as we all are no one paid any attention to his request. He was sweating with I don't know what...probably a mix of the weather, his worry and the hurry he was in. Wiping his brow and looking at the watch on his hand and the response (rather the lack of it) he was almost quivering with fear. Suddenly (for him) I whipped at him, "Chal I'll buy you a ticket. Come with me. Where do you want to go and how much is the ticket?"
"I need return for Vikhroli"
"Coupons can't be punched for return tickets. How much is one way?"
"Eight rupees"
"Here"...I gave him 8 rupee coupons and went to check the price of the coupons I needed.
He punched his coupons while I returned back to the punching machine
"Here how much do I pay you?"
"No beta, you run you have an exam!" I almost shrieked as if it was I who had to rush for the exam.
He ran fast, and I felt nice after a long time. Glad I could help him go to his exam on time. In our hurries we forgot to greet each other. The formal "Thank you" and "All the best for exams". But his thanks was rather visible in his relief. I hope he clears his exam with good marks.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Voted today. First time for LS elections, third time that I'm voting including two state elections. And twice more at my school(One of the two times I was myself a candidate). Incidentally, every time I have voted, the candidate I have voted for has lost (Including myself ) . Either I am jinxed or I like to vote for offbeat characters. Worse still, I don't select my candidate right.
The one I have voted for today, I'm not sure what that candidate will do for my constituency being a newbie in politics and the fact that he's pitted against a sure winner. But he has some promise for sure. Now now, don't ask me which region I voted from or the secrecy of my vote is at stake for sure.

College exams on 16th June. With massive syllabus. And reputation at stake.........

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hiatus Longus Nonexplicatus

Lack of blog posts can be easily attributed to a combination of my laziness, busyness, "want to rest all the time I get" and new founded interest in reading the texts of Anaesthesiology.

Watched Ghajini today (yeah, yeah I know I'm way too behind schedule). Nice but pretty unbelievable the amount of strength Aamir Khan has. And the absolute power the villian seems to have. But decent timepass. Before Ghajini, I had a chance to watch Memento, the movie on which Ghajini is loosely based. Rather different and difficult to understand movie. I am still not sure I understood the movie. After watching it I googled the movie and did some wiki on the movie to understand it. (After reading all this one wonders, and she has no time to blog? tch, tch)

I have also realised that I badly need to revamp my blog. Currently I am on a lookout for unique templates and tips to give my blog a fresh look. And provided I maintain a good frequency of posting I shall consider having my own domain!! Now thats enough inspiration to write more often!

Paid a long overdue visit to the dentist. A new chappie here I found. Dentist is a person I just don't like to visit for a multitude of reasons......which I think I will write about in my next blog :)

Ciao for now..............

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