Thursday, April 30, 2009


Voted today. First time for LS elections, third time that I'm voting including two state elections. And twice more at my school(One of the two times I was myself a candidate). Incidentally, every time I have voted, the candidate I have voted for has lost (Including myself ) . Either I am jinxed or I like to vote for offbeat characters. Worse still, I don't select my candidate right.
The one I have voted for today, I'm not sure what that candidate will do for my constituency being a newbie in politics and the fact that he's pitted against a sure winner. But he has some promise for sure. Now now, don't ask me which region I voted from or the secrecy of my vote is at stake for sure.

College exams on 16th June. With massive syllabus. And reputation at stake.........

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  1. 16th then is going to be a bigger day than voting day ha?

    all the best and keep your reputation intact!


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