Saturday, September 05, 2009

Whats WRONG With Me?!

In just one week, I managed to make a massive mess in my simple life...
First, I drown my dear mobile phone in water

Then, in my attempts to dry it, I lose my 2gb memory card which had a lot of interesting pics I had taken and very smartly not made a back up of on my PC.

Then since I do not have an extra CDMA handset, I move to a GSM number which I have and use my old Nokia handset for the same, the charger of which I manage to drop and break.

Somewhere while this all was happening I lose my nice not too old Titan Raaga watch and don't even remember where I lose it......

Then after one busy call where I work straight for 20 hours, I "oversleep" (3.5 hrs instead of the only 2.5 hours limit I had to show up in OT on time) much to the disappointment of my seniors....


I NEED A BREAK!! And a new phone...........


  1. Well! something unusual to come from you. But sounds good for a change !! ;)

  2. Sorry to hear that. You really deserve a break Doc.

    I remembered you at GSB Ganapati.

  3. Did you check your patient's stomach? :)

    Too bad on the phone though..Thats a disaster..Let me back up mine right now...

  4. Dear Doc,

    hope the Titan Ragaa watch is not forgotten in some of ur patients
    abdomen while operating

  5. sheesh... that sounds terrible... seems you are on some losing things streak :P

    and what abt these 20 hrs non stop calls? nair was never that heavy except ortho... :O

  6. These are universal happenings.I hav many things going wrong becomes a laughing matter among my near and dear ones.
    Quite unbelievable ones


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