Friday, August 20, 2010

Short Story......

Ek haat se do, aur ek haat se lo......likewise ek haat se I wrote the admission paper and doosre haat se wrote the discharge summary of that lady. Not just figuratively!

The lady came with an unbelievable heart rate of 16 beats per minute! And she was talking! Quickly I gathered her history, saw old charts, on duty intensivist came running and we were all set for temporary transvenous pacing. How excited I was, hoping I will be allowed to perform pacing. While the patient's relatives were trying to understand the implications of pacing, especially the financial ones, I sat down to write the admission paper. While I was doing that, the relatives had made their decision and wanted to move the patient to a charitable hospital. So after finishing the admission, my co started filling the discharge summary! Shortest ICU stay ever, with the lowest heart rate I had seen in a person, ever!


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  2. Seems like an interesting life. :)

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Nice blogs you've got.


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