Thursday, April 07, 2011

Finally something from me...

Out of the ICU, into the OT (for the past 2 months, and gladly so) I am......ICU is not me, I did not exactly detest it, but  nonetheless, I was not myself working in there day in and day out. OT is my home ground.

Of course, after I joined back the OT I have lost a noticeable amount of weight running around the hospital and have started noticing the number of grey hair on my head. But I am back to being many ways I cannot describe.

Other day in the  recovery room, a patient was not doing too good post operatively. exactly the things I don't like in a patient post femur neck surgery...unstable blood pressure, low saturation. I was attending diligently to each  complaint from the staff nurse in the recovery while managing my emergency cases in the OT. That was yet another day with missed meals and all the signs of a busy call. At the end of the day, after finishing all my work, the staff nurse came up to me and said very softly, "You are too good Varsha. I was comfortable here in the recovery room just because you around handling that patient and attending to each of my complaints. I am impressed, and now I am your fan!"

Suddenly, this makes all the thoughts of grey hair and the missed meals very insignificant....


  1. me likes very much...staffie praising you is a big deal cause they are pretty skeptical

  2. ....and now you can add another fan to your list. Me.

    (I gotta admit, I'm being a little unfair here - I'm your fan more for your writing, yaar) :)


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