Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drive Away...

Fiction, inspired largely by Sri's writing... Thanks dude!

Vasaiwali- Vegetable vendor, a lady, who gets her stuff from Vasai, near Mumbai. 

When she didn't find the Vasaiwali again today, Megha was a bit upset. Since she had started buying her daily vegetables from her, there was no looking back. She had the freshest veggies in the whole of Parle market at a reasonable rate. She strolled in the lane, hoping she had shifted her stall to another place. And she did find her, walking with a bag and her empty wicker basket.
Megha tapped her on her shoulder  "Didi, I was looking for you!"
"Arey tai, I am sold out for the day....I was hoping you would come" she replied with a smile. "I'll be here tomorrow".
And she walked away, quickly disappearing in the crowded market lane before Megha could reply back.

Irritated with her luck, Megha walked to the Vasaiwali's spot and shopped at the next stall which looked less crowded.
"Madam, new in this market?" one of the vendors at the stall asked while packing her purchase.
"No no" she said handing him a few notes and rummaging through her purse for some more change "I have shopped here for years now. My vasaiwali seems to be done for the day she muttered with irritation, half to herself"
"Vasaiwali? Which one?" asked the other vendor with a surprised look
"The one who sits at that stall"
"Madam!" gasped the stall owner, "She's not been seen for a while now. We heard that she passed away, last week......" he muttered in a hushed voice.
"What, I just....." Megha trailed off, beads of perspiration soaking her forehead. She grabbed her bags and walked away from the market for a breath of fresh air.


"I wonder why this madam got so scared, good she bought our story though" laughed the vendor.
"Yeah, that Vasaiwali...let me teach her a lesson. Minus one more customer for her......"


  1. Nice write up !!!
    Just so glad to see u write so often. Would be waiting for the next blog.

  2. Whoa! Amazing... :)

    Good one, doc.

  3. Twist in the tale and how! Very well done.

  4. I am sure i commented yesterday after reading the article.. wonder whats happened to it :(


  5. Hahaha!!! This one scores a little above Phatichar's flash fiction - for the sheer genius at the end!! Awesome!!

  6. i was lost in the incident after reading...

    something new after a long time..


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