Thursday, June 19, 2014

Open Letter

You came home, my parents' guest. You hardly know me, we are meeting after almost a year. You see my baby, hold with her. Fine.

Then you tell me, "She is so thin! Don't you feed her?"

I felt the need to be defensive, I claim she takes after her slim grandparents. I tell you how the doc says she is thriving well. Her growth is absolutely fine for her age. I don't give you a piece of my mind. Funny, I thought I would have given anyone who said that a long lecture. I didn't.

Because you don't know how many nights I stayed up feeding her by the hour. You have no idea how sore each part of my body was, coping with the stress. You don't have a clue how much I have fretted over her pees and poops, the color and frequency- all indirect evidence of adequacy of her feed. You don't know how it breaks a mother's heart when someone accuses her, directly or indirectly that she isn't giving her baby the best.

I forgive you, and I thank you. You have no idea of how much your supposed smartness can give some mother some blogging material.


  1. Well knowingly or unknowingly this motherhood phase makes most ladies judgmental where they want to flaunt their motherhood knowledge. .. .little do they know that motherhood is best when experienced and shared only with your baby and yes yes yes agree such souls to be forgiven! :-)

  2. hmmm well look at it in this way and you said it yourself you got material for a post :)

    some people .. well why bother haan.. its their job they doing it fine .. lets do OUR JOB of ignoring what they say .. easy peasy

    take care


  3. Every mother can relate to this particular scenario, I guess...'Yeah, I feed on her share of food, too', is what I say (under my breath, of course! ;) )

  4. I can totally relate to this Varsha, My dd who is 8 months old is just 6 kgs and people comment " Why both the parents are gifted with so much weight and the baby is not?" ;-)


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